Saturday, July 23, 2011

Start a Clothing Store

When one opts to start a clothing store, it requires hard work and careful planning. It often starts with conceptualizing a viable business start up. This will include a vision for the clothing store, which goes straight to the clothing store s identity. This means going through a logo design as well as the naming or trade style. Forget not that this will be the first impression the store will give out to potential customers, so it needs to be well thought out and memorable. This will be the store s brand, and the owner and future employees will be the front line brand ambassadors. Well maintained customers and clients will be secondary brand ambassadors, for effective word of mouth marketing.

In order to start a clothing store that will turn out to be successful in the near, medium and long term, the owner will have to decide on what they desire to sell. This will lead to discovering the store s niche, which is one of a successful clothing store s a clothing store

These niches include evening wear, casual wear, sports wear, beach wear, children s wear, men s wear women s wear, and so on. Market building is based on niche demands, putting the owner in touch with clients in a very real way.

For one to start a clothing store, the store s market is the entire population of the world. Parameters though must be set, whether the store will be operating in the real world or virtual world. Once the desired segment of society is decided upon, next decision will be ascertaining the trends in fashion particular to the segment. This should give rise to which area in particular the most success can be gained from. Focusing on a specific market is important, because generalizing scatters resources all over the place while focused thinking and planning is specific to the particular market.

As mentioned briefly above, for a person to start a clothing store, a business plan would be the owner s blueprint. Everything that is desired when it comes to the store should be listed, including budgets for money and time. Other considerations to be included in the business plan include store policies for instance selling rules, inventory, stocking, return rules, working hours, amongst many others. Also included in the how to start a clothing store blueprint is marketing and advertising plans employee details, partnership and investment policies, profit uses, expansion plans, and so on.

When considering how to start a clothing store, consider carefully the costs of start up. It will be critical to find out the minimum amount of money needed, including monthly recurring costs for the initial twelve months, the cost of goods stocking for the initial three months and operational costs, which should be planned for according to a year s estimates. Unforeseen expenses should be about ten percent of the budget. The sum of all these parts equals the budgetary needs of the clothing store prior to launching. Location for the business also figures into the budget, as a physical store will need to be paid for. An online presence is these days a must, as it offers such flexibility and cost benefits.

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