Sunday, September 11, 2011

Open a Lingerie Boutique: Advice on How to Open a Lingerie Boutique

Some boutiques sell casual wear, others specialize in outfitting brides, some turn a profit selling children s clothing, and still others sell lingerie to customers. Boutique owners who own lingerie boutiques quickly learn that there are some things peculiar to lingerie boutiques that other boutique owners don t have to worry about. For example very few people are interested in a lingerie boutique that sells used bras and panties.

Boutique owners who are considering the pros and cons of opening a lingerie boutique should carefully consider the type of customer they will be dealing with as well as the quality of lingerie they will be selling.How open a boutique

Women know that they can find reasonably priced lingerie in most stores. The down side to the lingerie that is sold in most stores is that it is normally a low quality product that is either made out of low quality materials or is very plain in style.

When women step into a lingerie boutique they expect to see bras, panties, and pretty nightwear that is better quality then the products they can purchase at a chain store. Since they are normally spending twice as much on an item they expect that the item is built to last and that the underwire won t fall out the first time it is washed. Lingerie boutique owner s who charge high prices for low quality lingerie seldom stay in business long.

It is not unusual for women to shop in a lingerie shop when they are looking for something to wear for a special occasion. She is looking for something that has a more provocative style, silkier feel, or more eye catching design then the lingerie she normally purchases at the local chain retailer. Lingerie owners often find that a large amount of their profit comes from continuously carrying a wide variety of novelty lingerie. Lingerie owners also find that holiday themed underwear is extremely popular.

In addition to women who are looking for better quality products and novelty lingerie many lingerie boutique owner s find that a significant portion of their clientele is made up of women who have bust sizes that are difficult to fit. These customers need to have lingerie specially ordered to accommodate their larger bra size. As the owner of lingerie boutique it is important to have the right contacts that will allow you to meet the customer s demands. Once you have established the customers bust size it wouldn t hurt to keep a couple of bras on hand in your lingerie boutique so she doesn t have to wait for it to come in the mail.

Before opening a lingerie boutique there are a few things every good lingerie salesperson should know. The first ting is that the customer is always right, the second thing is how to hire the right kind of employee, the third thing is how to order lingerie, and the fourth is how to properly fit the lingerie to customers.

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